Company Information

Mission Statement
RSP has three core beliefs, which influence every aspect of how we conduct our business.

  • Nobody should have to waste resources such as time, energy or finance to guarantee top quality results.
  • We must always challenge norms and tradition to ensure we are performing as effectively as possible. No work process is sacred.
  • Small catalysts can provoke large-scale change. Big problems don’t always require big (and often costly) solutions.

Why do we exist?
Peculiar question I know – but we think it’s important you know why we get out of bed in the morning! Our main aim is to link up with like-minded people – scientists, manufacturers, and academics – of all levels to discover, develop and instigate these core beliefs within healthcare.

How do we make healthcare more effective?

  • We began by identifying some key ‘efficiency drains’, RSP has focused on:Reducing turnaround times.
  • Increasing quality and reducing ‘re-testing’.
  • Human error when interpreting data.
  • Tracing and identification of samples.
  • Waste within workflows.

After highlighting these, RSP set out to discover ways we can combat these factors, either through targeting specific issues or through more general change. You can see the results of this mission throughout this website; from our products to our articles and studies.